Power to the planet 2020

Power to the planet
We envision a brighter future where every street on the planet enjoys the lifelong benefits of sustainable living - powered by the sun. At SunStreet, we provide homebuilders and their homeowners with the power to make renewable energy from the sun work for them - for life.
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The power of SunStreet

Since our story began in 2013, our 35,000+ new home solar systems have generated an astounding 322 gigawatt hours of energy! That equates to…

29.0 Billion

smartphones charged

1.3 Billion

miles of driving an electric car

25.6 million

gallons of gasoline saved


tons of waste recycled


homes’ energy use for one year


acres of U.S. forests preserved

Our Featured Solar Communities

This year, our 3rd annual Power to the Planet features not one, but FIVE beautifully designed and engineered, solar-powered new home communities! We’re especially thrilled to have our friends from Thrive Home Builders and Woodside Homes join us on our journey toward greener living.

Build Greener With us

Sunrise solar panels
Homebuilders, we invite you to join our online conversation about changing the way our planet is powered. Together, we can make a difference – at home and in our communities. Choosing to go solar by building your new home communities with SunStreet is just one way you can support a better, greener, smarter way of living – today and tomorrow!

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